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Henriette Mantel

About Hen

HENRIETTE MANTEL is an emmy-award winning writer and director.   Her latest book “No Kidding:  Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood” came out in May 2013 and is presently being adapted into an Off-Broadway show.  In 2012-13 she created a web series titled, “In The Middle” for Salon.com which she directed, wrote and acted in.   Henriette has extensive experience in directing documentaries including "An Unreasonable Man", about Ralph Nader that she co-wrote and directed and was in Sundance, theatres across the country, PBS and Showtime.   Her first web series was “Midge and Buck,” on Icebox.com. Her critically acclaimed “Girl Talk”, a play about one women’s journey in New York City after September 11, was featured at the 2002 Aspen Comedy Festival.  She co-authored the book "Speedbumps: Flooring It Through Hollywood" with Teri Garr.   Her Emmy award-winning television work includes such shows as "The Osbournes", "The Awful Truth", “Win Ben Stein's Money” and “The Comeback.”   As an actress, Henriette has appeared in many television and film comedies including her noted role as “Alice” in the Brady Bunch movies.   She currently lives in NYC but she grew up in Vermont before it was popular to do so.